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Salon Shahin Covid-19 Guidelines

To our Salon Shahin community,

We look forward to welcoming you back to the salon. The State of Connecticut has issued guidelines for us to follow, which we take very seriously.

Everyone in the salon will be practicing social distancing and everyone–staff and clients–will be required to wear a mask. If you are uncomfortable leaving your home or uncomfortable wearing a mask, this might not be the ideal time for you to visit the salon and we look forward to seeing you at a later date.

The State of Connecticut will be measuring a defined set of public health metrics and, as they see progress, they will gradually loosen safeguards. This will allow the next set of businesses in the State to open and allow those businesses already open to operate with additional leeway.

• Appointments can only be made by calling the salon during regular business hours, Monday through Saturday.
• To secure your appointment, we are asking you to provide us with your preferred payment method for streamlined checkout at the salon.
• If you would like to know the balance of your series, please feel free to contact us.
• Please cancel your appointment if you are not feeling well, or have recently traveled to any state currently on the travel advisory list.We will be happy to welcome you back after the mandatory 14 day quarantine.

Arriving at the salon for your appointment:
• Only guests with appointments will be admitted to the salon.
• If you choose to wait outside of the salon, please be aware of social distancing.
• Upon entering the salon please use the hand sanitizer provided at the entrance to sanitize your hands.
• Head straight to your provider’s station.
• We will provide a sanitized cloth or disposable paper smock for you to wear. Please plan to put on your smock at your provider’s station as the changing rooms will be closed. We suggest you wear a shirt that will be easy to put the smock over.

  • We will be unable to serve beverages, if you choose to bring your own, consider a beverage with a straw so you can drink while still wearing your mask.
    • Please be aware of social distancing while in the salon.

Express checkout:
• If you would rather not wait at the front desk to check out, we will have your preferred payment method on file. Your service provider will tell you the total for your visit and the front desk will process your card on file and provide a receipt. If you prefer an electronic receipt, please provide us with your email address.

• The front desk is still open and we are currently accepting all forms of payment (cash, check, credit card). Tipping can be done using Venmo or cash.

Our promise to you:
• 8+ feet of space between workstations
• We will wear a face mask and shield or eye protection while providing services
• We will wash our hands before and after every guest
• Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the salon
• Our filtered air system will provide maximized circulation
• Salon will operate at 50 percent capacity
• We will allow adequate time to clean, disinfect and sanitize between guests
• Constant cleaning of high touch surfaces
• Sanitized smocks will be provided to every guest
• Our staff will undergo daily wellness checks, for your protection and theirs

Your promise to us:
• Arriving on time for your appointment
• Wearing a face mask for the duration of your appointment. Please wear a face mask that loops around the ears. If you need a disposable one, please let us know prior to your appointment.
• Please be patient, we are adjusting and we know you are as well.
• Although things might look & feel different, we want you to relax and enjoy your appointment.

Faster service options & pricing:

Express Single Process:
Current clients can now book an Express Single Process. Your color will be applied, and wrapped with a cap. You can head out the door to shampoo and condition at home. This service will be the same price as our in-salon single process.

With love,
The Salon Shahin Team



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